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  • Investors fright, suppliers delight

    Diverting shareholder dividends to fund infrastructure is always a bold move, but in an industry with floundering share values, questions are bound to be asked.
  • Microsoft changes tack on slipping Surface sales

    Offering its new Surface tablet through limited company-owned outlets may have been an attempt to establish Microsoft as a retail powerhouse but the experiment seems to have failed with news that it will be offered through other retailers sooner than planned.
  • Operators and Vendors – Mind the Gap!

    Vendors and operators are historically carrying on two monologues at the same time, and there is a gap between the things on the vendors’ agenda and those on operators’.
  • Good news or bad news - depends on the views.

    Bad news for some often means good news for others, and in the telecoms industry, it certainly appears the norm. This week's conflicting headlines can be either positive or negative, depending where you sit.
  • Google averts Mayan calendar prediction?

    First it was Apple's iOS missing daylight savings changes in some countries, now it's Android missing a whole month. What is going on?
  • Turbo Boost – nice idea, impossible to deliver?

    While we may all want turbo boost options, spare a thought for the operators who have to deliver them. Is it even viable and can it even be charged for accurately?
  • Fraud system takes control of bank

    What happens when your bank targets you as a fraudster and no matter what you do it keeps stopping your transactions. Leave - of course! Are telco customers suffering the same fate from out of control systems?
  • Meet me up, Scotty!

    Forget Tweetups, this is all about meeting people with exactly the same interests you have. It’s brilliant in its simplicity and obviously very popular. No more excuses to sit at home and Facebook your life away.
  • Seeking sense in censorship

    Whether for religious, cultural, national security or citizen ‘protection’ reasons, closing down or restricting parts of the Internet may be a futile cause and, in some cases, politically dangerous in for those in Western democracies. But....
  • Another app store bites the dust

    As if the ill-fated demise of the GSMA led Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) earlier this year was not enough warning, some operators persisted in fighting on, with Verizon Wireless being the latest to throw in the towel.