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  • Will Softbank sprint clear in US market?

    It would be a bit rich for AT&T to claim the new Softbank/Sprint/Clearwire hook-up would be gaining an unfair advantage , but it will.
  • Honey, Apple shrunk my iPad!

    I won’t be rushing out to by an iPad Mini. Despite Apple’s remonstrations that is “not a shrunken down iPad” it plainly is, and not a really good one either.
  • Wi-Fi Warfare

    How do you let annoying neighbours know they are annoying you without confronting them or being annoying yourself? Apparently, in today’s high tech era there is a much more subtle way of getting a message through.
  • Big boys bumble with mobile

    Companies like Intel and Microsoft made their fortunes from personal computers and Google from people using them to search for things on the internet, but times are a changing and they may all be left behind.
  • It's a miracle!

    Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has announced an operating profit of €182 million. Not surprisingly, analysts were quick to confirm earlier predictions that the company is being prepared for a sell-off.
  • Android versions causing device indigestion

    Google-owned Motorola Mobility (MM) has cancelled plans to upgrade three of its 4G handsets to the latest Android version 4.0, aptly named Ice Cream Sandwich (as support for it melts away). The reason being given is that MM wants to ensure optimum perf...
  • An internet tax to save newspapers, and what else?

    Here's some great thinking. The internet is hurting newspapers. Newspapers employ journalists. Journalists are trained to write the news, the right way. Everybody reads the news and comments on it. These comments are called opinions.One bright editor a...
  • It's an MVNO revolution

    News that UK mobile operator, Everything Everywhere, can set up an MVNO in ten minutes must come as shock to anyone that has gone through the MVNO establishment experience. EE claims this possible using Atmovia’s MTNE platform that inclu...

  • Oh, Oh another OS

    So, we all thought the smartphone OS race was dwindling down to two and half players with Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Windows Phone, right? No, hold your bets, coming up from the rear is a late starter from Mozilla, the Fir...
  • RIM Reality

    If there was an award for the company that faced certain destruction but kept putting on a brave face it would have to go to BlackBerry maker, RIM. Despite constant bad news including lowering forecasts, missed targets, investor retreats, larg...