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  • Did Apple kill my iPhone?

    Could it be that my phone was deliberately disabled by the manufacturer in the hope I would upgrade to a new model. In this era of over-the-air upgrades it is a possibility, but would they?
  • ITU embraces Digital World

    The ITU’s premier event, Telecom World 2013, is being staged in Bangkok from November 19 to 22. It will attract the global ICT community to network, debate, showcase innovation and share knowledge at the highest level. Of special interest will be...
  • Customer service comes home

    There is a trend to bring customer service back in-house, but not like it used to be.
  • NFC wristbands - now we're talking

    NFC World reports that a team of developers are raising funding on Kickstarter for a rubber wristband that wearers will be able to use to unlock their phone, cancel or postpone an alarm clock, control the volume of music, skip songs and share their con...
  • Differential pricing next?

    There are already thousands of ways to price and charge for digital services but how long before we have to get down to pricing for demographic groups and even individuals.
  • Mobile CRM - the next evolution

    Improving customer experience is not as easy as it sounds but we have the tools to assist and with the advent of smartphones the task is being pushed closer to the customer.
  • The hacking, spying and customer care conundrum

    Operators are investing millions to understand what their customers do online but 86 percent of internet users ‘have taken steps to remove or mask their digital footprints’ - what does that tell you?
  • Advanced Order Management Brings Benefits to Customers and Service Providers

    Order Management Systems (OMS) do not usually receive a lot of accolades or attention, yet this particular back-end system is probably one of the most critical and complex within a service provider's network. Without a solid order management system, se...
  • Mobile payments mayhem

    Financial institutions and mobile operators are acutely aware of the security concerns of consumers when it comes to entering the mobile payments space, but both are trying go it alone in most cases.
  • New economic theory doesn't add up

    What is difficult to understand is a company that reports a $2.3 billion quarterly profit representing an 18% increase on the back of a 6% increase in sales then announces it is cutting back its workforce by 5% on fears of an uncertain futur.