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  • Turkey's record-breaking software company eyes the big league

    Turkish software companies have not been around for long but they are competing head-to-head with leading tech giants of the world. The latest success story is Etiya, Turkey's record-breaking software company which began operations only a decade ago.
  • Looking for the Most Secure Messaging App?

    Data breaches occur each and every day. The need for a secure chat app is growing all over the world. What’s the most secure messaging app? How can you be sure your online communication is best protected? Read this article and you’ll know.
  • MWC’s ever-changing alphabet soup

    Mobile World Congress was, as ever, an interesting and educational experience this year, featuring some novel technologies that provided a sense of what life could be like in future. Robots, for example, were everywhere, thrusting their advice and offe...
  • A Different Kind of Telecom Conference

    What if instead of startups pitching telcos, you turned that upside-down, and the telcos instead pitched entrepreneurs?
    Telecom Council Carrier Connections
    Most conferences are opportunities for big companies to give you their PR message, and...
  • ITU Telecom World 2017: exploring smart digital transformation

    Artificial intelligence can crunch the numbers on inconceivably large volumes of data, predicting trends, mitigating problems, driving a revolution in socio-economic development. Smart machines can learn, understand, develop and, in many areas, out-per...
  • Why NFV Projects Are Failing To Deliver In Telco Networks

    To witness how NFV vendors are re-writing the rules of IT infrastructure you need look no further than Salesforce or Microsoft 365. We can also observe the enviable growth of Netflix who utilise Amazon AWS to successfully deliver their latest hit serie...
  • Choosing One of the Best Apps on the Market

    The information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure is constantly evolving and improving, as a result of which the global telecom industry undergoes transformation and continues to grow with rapid advances.
    One of the main aspects that c...
  • What Does Customer Success Mean in the Telco Space?

    In recent years, many companies – especially SaaS companies – realized that creating a great software product, which can be purchased online and implemented easily from a technical perspective, doesn’t necessarily mean customers will ...
  • Hardware Encryption Market is Expected to Reach $296.4 Billion, Globally, By 2020

    The hard disk drives (HDD) segment is the highest revenue generating segment, constituting 57% of the total market revenue in 2014. The segment is expected to maintain its dominance throughout the analysis period. The segment of encrypted USB flash drives...  more
  • VoLTE Technology to be adopted by multiple network operators in 2016

    Good quality voice calls over Wi-Fi in areas prone to call drops and network issues to tackle the problem with the help of VoWi-Fi technology.