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TeliaSonera charging for mobile VoIP

TeliaSonera will introduce charges for using mobile VoIP in Spain within the next month, and plans to levy the charge on new subscribers in its home market of Sweden from the summer.

While it's a bold move by the telco - akin to being the first formula 1 driver to switch tyres during a wet race - the fact it is first trying this in Spain is interesting. The implication is that if usage figures dramatically fall in that market, it won't proceed with the move in Sweden. Of course, if the strategy is successful, you can bet that TeliaSonera will quickly apply it to existing customers - and that rivals will swiftly follow suit.

The move is significant, though, as the first attempt by an established operator to tackle the rise of OTT services, and the inevitable rise in data traffic those services produce. That said, TeliaSonera is also facing lower profits - its 1Q income fell 18% year-on-year, so some radical action is necessary.

Watch this space!