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BT winning home Wi-Fi battle

Have you ever looked at the other wireless networks within range of your computer? This is, basically, a list of your neighbours' networks, and in my case shows about seven other networks I'm capable of receiving, though obviously security prevents me using them.

The list in my rural area shows something quite interesting. BT's Home Hub service is dominating. Aside from one neighbour on TalkTalk, and myself on Primus Telecom, the rest are all on BT.

While I wouldn't go extrapolating that to the rest of the nation, the telco claims it grabbed half of all regular broadband net additions in 2Q12 - BT's fiscal first quarter - and 150,000 fiber broadband users. Those additions took the firm's total broadband subscribers to 700,000. Those customers sit within BT's Retail division, which grew EBITDA £30 million (US$ year-on-year to £476 million despite revenues dropping 3% to £1.7 billion.

What really strikes me about the Wi-Fi list and BT's figures is that the former incumbent remains a trusted brand among the British people. Just ask all my neighbours!