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Trouble brewing for Apple in Italy

Reading reports that Apple faces a potential 30 day shutdown in Italy, but rather than being related to some patent battle, this one involves misselling of warranties.

The firm has already been fined nearly a million Euros over the issue, and is now being threatened with the ban in a bid to force it to pay up. The issue stems from Apple's attempts to sell warranties to consumers buying its products, despite the fact it offers a free two-year warranty with every device sold.

 It's an important point to flag up. Apple - and others, let's be fair - are in business to make money, and while many consumers may see these firms as benign benefactors in terms of the products they deliver, there's a lot of sneakiness involved in the modern device and services game. I wonder how long consumer's patience will hold out with tech firms that aren't totally upfront about the way they do business.

 Consider the Google StreetView debacle. As consumers, do we really believe management didn't know it was logging all sorts of data beyond just snapping our roads, homes, cars etc?

 Surely we should now be demanding more action against the CEOs of these companies? If their neck is on the line, I'll wager you'll see far more honest practices from media and tech firms. But the line has to be tough - we have to start considering prosecuting the bosses involved, not just local deputies or faceless IT managers.

 One final point on the same train of thought - if you're one of those faceless managers, would you really want to work for a company that engages in underhand practices then hangs you out to dry when it all comes out in the wash?