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Ericsson Consumer Lab

I enjoyed a great visit to Ericsson's consumer lab on the outskirts of Stockholm last week (a big thanks to the firm and the GSM Association for organizing).


Interesting presentations on device testing - the impact of smartphones on the network, and vice-versa - and the way people use their smartphone. For example, the firm believes there is already a voluntary code of ethics regarding when and where devices are used, and that accessing the web is now considered the norm rather than a luxury.


Also great to see some innovations in online gaming - proximity based chat, for example, which allows you to hear where the person talking is (depending on which ear is closest), the growing applications for M2M - sensors that tell you when your laundry is dry -, and even a connected tree that uses our own electrical fields to complete the circuit (touch it and it speaks). While that last one might seem like a novelty, a friend who works for a well-respected crop specialist here in the UK can see applications, quite literally, in the field such as automatically logging which crops have been checked/sprayed with pesticides and so on.


Now all I need is an app to decipher my hastily scrawled notes!