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Nuisance calls

I can't understand why, in 2012, I'm powerless to stop nuisance calls.

 I've recently contacted the UK regulator about this, and there seems to be very little that can be done to stop these calls or track who is placing them - particularly if they're from an overseas call center (funnily enough, the UK regulator doesn't cover other markets ).

 Apparently I can speak to my telco about the calls, but that requires me to note every single call (several each day), and even then there's no guarantee of stopping them. Ofcom also notes there are a couple of commercial products available to halt these calls, but why should I have to pay?

 I guess the only real alternative is to change my number, but that doesn't come with any guarantees (who's to say that number isn't on global spam callers lists too?), and would require me to change all stationery too.

 There must be something better than this, surely?