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EverythingEverywhere retail rebranding

I've just seen my first EverythingEverywhere retail outlet, but very nearly missed it.


Compared to the brightly coloured shop signs for Orange and T-Mobile, the cellcos combined to form EverythingEverywhere, this store carries a black sign with EE written in white, but in very small letters - barely any bigger than the logos of the original operators which are displayed alongside as the firm tries to explain what it is.


If it wasn't for a big poster in the window advertising smartphone deals, you really wouldn't know to look at it that the place sells mobile phones.


Phones4U. Clear, bright store, with big red sign outside. O2, much the same, but with a blue display. And the raft of independent outlets, phone unlocking booths and repair shops in my nearest city - all brightly lit and with signage that leaves you in no doubt about the services on offer.


I'm pretty sure the moniker "EverythingEverywhere" was never meant to be more than a trading name, or put another way, it was never meant to be consumer-facing. I thing the firm has a lot of work to do in terms of educating consumers about what it is, and it has to do something to make its shops stand out more.