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Microsoft prepares own-brand tablet

Rumor has it Microsoft is set to unveil an own-brand tablet running an ARM or Intel processor later today.

 The unit could be the first device to run Windows 8 - the latest version of the firm's well-known operating system that is tipped as crucial to the success of future Nokia Lumia smartphones.

 I wonder, then, if it's a loss to Nokia that it isn't building this device instead? Maybe the Finnish vendor is waiting to see how a Microsoft-branded unit is received in the market (a strategy with benefits including adapting the software for its own needs, or in accordance with consumer feedback), or maybe the remit of the pairs 'smartphone' tie up doesn't cover tablets?

 While it would be easy to write that this represents another risk to Microsoft - lets face it, the firm's mobile history isn't the most successful -, the firm is beginning to gain some recognition for its latest software, and those in the know have always rated MS-based smart devices (look at the original SPV - neither pretty or functional relative to rival devices of its day, but snapped up by anyone with a knowledge of how to leverage the software to its full capabilities, who then rated the platform highly).

 It may just be that Microsoft can't afford not to be in the tablet space, and that people with software abilities will relish such a unit for its customization options.