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Big day for Nokia - how long will Elop survive

It's been a big day for Nokia, with a raft of announcements aimed at finally sorting its device businesses' problems.


The part that leaps out of a series of press releases on the firm's latest 'restructure' is that another 10,000 staff will be laid off by end 2013. That will bring total layoffs to nearly 20,000 since 2011, including 9,800 already being sacked as part of the firm's current restructuring effort. Nokia is also lining up new managers, and reaffirmed its commitment to the Windows Phone platform by announcing it will broaden its range of Lumia smartphones to cover more price points, and add more content (it's acquiring imaging specialist Scalado, for example). And it rounded all that out by confirming it has sold its Vertu business - maker of 'luxury' phones since 1998.


I'm starting to wonder if a football manager might make a good analogy for Stephen Elop. Football bosses need time to build a successful team, but that has to be balanced against results. The question is, how much time do you give any manager before ditching them and bringing in fresh blood.


Put more directly, with yet another 'restructure' underway, how long do shareholders give Elop to turn this thing around?