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Smartphone development since 1997

I watched the Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies over the weekend, and couldn't help but notice the 'smartphone' used in the film.

 It was some Ericsson device offering all manner of natty functions, like a built-in taser, but also sporting a number of functions that are starting to make an appearance on current smartphones.

 Consider, for example, the scanner function. While 'Bond' used this to trace fingerprints, the concept isn't massively different from today's capabilities involving smartphones and QR or barcodes. The character also used the device to unlock and drive his car. Ok, so we're not quite at the stage of driving from the backseat, but keyless entry is now widespread in modern cars, while the notion of llinking in-car infotainment units with smartphone capabilitie (or just linking straight to your handset)  is really starting to gather pace.

 The point here is that it's interesting how many of the ideas in films - particularly Bond movies - actually make it into reality. Another Bond film - Goldfinger I think - accurately predicted in-car GPS and on-screen displays, and of course there's the idea that tablet PCs were first envisioned in 2001 - A Space Odyssey.

 The only question is, when can I buy a phone with a taser?