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EC targets better online child protection

It was good to see the EC calling for better protection for children and teenagers online this week. The Commission wants the telecoms industry, national governments, and even service providers - primarily social media firms - to develop a more coordinated approach covering several key areas.

 Broadly speaking, th plan is to to beef up education in schools, make it simpler for parents to report inappropriate content, and try to tackle child pornography/sexual exploitation.

 It might take a while, but in my view anything that helps educate the kids themselves is a great thing. I've commented on this in the 'discussions' section - mostly because my nephews and neice seem blissfully unaware of the dangers of malware and viruses -, but its good to see initiatives that go even further to empower parents too.

  • Adrian  Hall
    Adrian Hall Our children are our future. This universal fact, coupled with young people’s particular vulnerability in an online environment, made a specialized initiative within the larger GCA framework a necessity.

    The legal, technical and institutional challenges...  more
    October 30, 2012