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EverythingEverywhere desperate for 4G

I'm starting to wonder if EverythingEverywhere - the carrier created through the merger of Orange and T-Mobile's UK networks - needs 4G to happen this year, rather than simply wanting it to happen.


The carrier this week claimed the technology could boost the UK's GDP by £7.5 billion per annum over the course of the first decade of operation, in what looks like an attempt to back up its call for regulator Ofcom to allow it to launch 4G services on its current spectrum - a move it states will allow it to launch a next-generation network by the year-end.


However, EverythingEverywhere's first quarter revenues are down 2.5% year-on-year - the firm only publishes P&L details on a half-year basis - despite growing smartphone users prompting a 10 percentage point increase in non-messaging data revenue, and a 17% rise in overall non-voice revenues.


There is also doubt over the firm's claims regarding the GDP boost, with Askar Sheibani, chief executive of IT and telecoms repair company Comtek, stating the figure is greatly exaggerated, and speculating EverythingEverywhere is only pushing for the refarming option to get a leg up on its rivals.


An Ofcom consultation on the carrier's refarming proposal runs until May 8, so watch this space.