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Apple, Mobile Devices, and Growth Markets

  • Posted by Leslie Firlie
  • April 30, 2012 7:05 PM BST
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I recently read two articles in Wall Street Journal Asia while in Hong Kong.  One article talked about a temporary dip in the stock price before Apple's 1Q results came out because investors were concerned about growth in US iPhone sales.  I found it surprising that investors would only be thinking about US sales - Apple may be a US company but they are on the global market.  The other article talked about the growth opportunities still available to Apple (and others) in Asia - that they have reallly just tapped the surface.  You only need to take the MTR (subway) in Hong Kong to see how true this is. Everywhere you looked people were either talking, texting, reading, or gaming on a mobile phone or tablet while riding the subway.  From this vantage point, there is plenty of growth to come.